A Reason

by As We Were

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4 kids. 4 songs. Hardcore Punk Rock. All because of a sound.


released February 24, 2012

Ian, Liam, Jeff, Maxx
Guest vocals on What's Owed by Ryan Krushenick
Guest vocals on Welcome Back by Will Rutkowski

Recorded by: Ryan Stack @ Format Audio in Haverhill, MA
Vocals for Welcome Back done at The Signal Kitchen in Burlington, VT.

Mastered by: Nick Zampiello and Rob Gonnella @ New Alliance East, Boston, MA



all rights reserved


As We Were Burlington, Vermont

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Track Name: What's Owed
Dear dad,
there’s still so much to say.
There’s still this debt you have yet to repay.
You’re consumed with guilt,
and can you see?
A wandering boy,
chained to the mast,
of a sinking family.
A son,
And you project yourself .
Your shortcomings, and wrong turns.
All your losses and your struggles,
tear at me like vultures claws.
Well I fight my failures.
And I’m just looking to see some light,
From under your shadow.
And I swear I’ve always just been trying,
and all this growing up,
has just felt like dying.
Dear dad I’ve been meaning to tell you:
men break,
men fail,
men bleed,
and men fall.
When there’s no one to walk,
in the foot steps of god.
Dear dad I’ve been meaning to tell you:
I break,
I fail,
I bleed,
And I fall,
when you words string me up by the throat.
My resent grows,
And our silence stays.
Further and further
every fucking day.
The cocktails made,
to quell the fire deep inside my heart.
Full of medication,
false education,
have only ripped us apart.
The places we come from
build who we are.
The places we run from,
don’t have to leave scars.
The places we come from,
build who we are.
The places we run from,
don’t have to leave scars.
Track Name: Sick Of
I’m sick of walking down the wrong way of a dead end street.
I’m sick of waking up nightly from a dead end dream.
To find dead deaf life with no signs of relief.
Ignorance gets praised as we numb our senses.
Life’s laid to waste by hopeless abandon.
Fabricated goals and guarantees,
a false award system of valueless degrees.
Expectations keep you down while I’m tearing my throat out,
all because of a sound.
Here is the outcome of a lost sense of worth.
Shut up and muted apathetic, with no concern.
Passions sacrificed for survival.
Are we alive if we can’t even see a point?
In the things we do, in the things we say.
Being used and abused, pressured and pushed all for a salary.
We’ve been had, run amuck, led astray.
So much of this violence we inflict on ourselves,
with alcohol bottles full of hell.
I’m doing my best to mend my cuts I need to:
It’s a life worth living that I want to see.

I drink my drinks they don’t drink me

You’ve got them all telling you, “If you do it you’re a man. You’ll be fine”
But you’re pacified.
It’s all part of a plan to kill your will and to kill your fight.
What’s the first thing they do when people unite?
Send in the opiates send in booze.
I won’t consume.
Track Name: A Reason
We came here to burn,
to be undone.
To put the movement,
back into these motions.
To take the act, out of our actions,
and not to cash in on passion.
We’re calling you out,
with your industry,
agency attitude.
Fake ideals.
Passive messages.
Forced emotion.
A mindset and an image,
I thought we were trying to escape.
Let's keep this secret,
and not dilute it.
I came here for desperation
and sincerity.
So let's hear some clarity.
I came to bleed,
so say something that I actually believe.
I came here to burn,
to be set free.
I’m screaming for a reason,
not just to please them.
Screaming for a reason.
Track Name: Welcome Back
Welcome back.
Was heaven holding you down, stringing you up, pushing you under ground.
Was life too fleeting and hell too heavy?
To see what else there could be beyond this city.
Where did you loose control?
How was I supposed to know?
I’ve got regrets that live inside and I’ll never understand your reasons why,
you made yourself see through on a diet of depression and lies.
Along with the people you try to hide in your past as I cried.
“We must do that which frightens us most”
“If god is truth, then god doesn’t live here”
How much violence is there in distance?
What’s been eating you all this time?
And what happened to us both?
On our own walks home down the line.
You’ve turned to ashes and rusted out.
I’ve spent so much time looking for the light I helped blow out.
And you don’t need me, and you never did.
But my selfish soul wishes and my blind eyes beg .
I am still holding on
Can you remember?
a city that enslaved you,
a heart that lost you,
a man who betrayed you,
and the boy who couldn’t save you.
I’ve offered a soul to one person.
One life for another.
Welcome back.